Friday, January 15, 2010

Senses of a Flower

An exact image of the flower
That was laid on top of Billie Holiday’s casket

Cinnamon stripes of brush stokes
Rubbing gently

On the top of the silk soft
Canary leaves

Thorns were triangular
Going up like stone stairs

A giant stem
Green, like a bean stalk

Shades of magenta
As if the sun was rising

Curly, yellow, strings hanging
From the middle of the flower like soy beans

The smell of April’s rain and wet grass
Covers the entire stem and flower

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Me + Curtis


Not being able to stay up late with the older folks
Being around the teenagers that smoke
Not being able to let go of the grown men that I once loved
Being called “Jolly Green Giant” and shoved
Not being able to drive home, WALKING, soaking wet and sniffling with the FLU
Being underestimated when the rent was due
Not being able to see joy in my niece’s hopeless eyes
Being around to see my loved ones and close friends die
Not being able to understand my cat’s pain
Being the only child out of seven that’s sane
Not being able to get out of an unsafe zone
Being mad when I’ve lost two teeth and broken a bone
Not being financially able to have eggs or bread
Being able to hold a gun to my head
Not being the loose woman that is manipulated on tv
Being able to be the intelligent person that I was born to be

My Poem about Sean Bell

Killing without Reasoning

The Silver Bells stopped ringing on the night of 11.25.2006
The wedding was called off
No longer a groom
No longer living
50 bullets rushed into his helpless body
The bride could only scream
The bride could only ask: Why?
She could only hope for justice

Justice was not served
Appeal after appeal
A verdict was finally reached:
ALL men were acquitted on ALL charges
They were protected by the law
They were guided by their peers
No man dressed in a police uniform was found guilty
Sean Bell’s life was taken without a reason


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