Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Respect for Project Pat

There is more to Pat than "Chicken Head." Dude is a lyricist and he speaks to the people who are from the hood and people who have been through a lot in their lives. For me, Pat opened my eyes to see the negativity that was around me and the bullshyt people who were around just to get shyt for themselves. SMH Besides that, Pat also helped me recognize REAL. He was like Pac in the millennium LOL One of my favorite lyrics by Pat:

"I was broke pocket full of lint now I'm on the bricks
getting paid like no other dog now I'm stackin' chips
on the road like a trucker man had to take some trips
doing shows for my brothers butt strapped with extra clicks
just in case any sucker would wanna run his lips
a female I don't trust her cause women like to trip
I stay all by my getty green hell with some time
there some crime that was petty seem still getting mine
all this hate shit I'm hearing though you I ain't fearing
better try to be growing old man with your children
escalate what a nigga staring his last days nearing
trying to get it right with God only one who I'm fearing
hopin' I'ma make it keep it real
never knew I get the chances for a nigga to get paid
so I take it living like a player should
wishin' that you could knowin' it's all to the good
still down with the hood" - Song, "Life We Live"

The first line says a lot and speaks to a lot of people. It basically explains how a person went from nothing to something and in the ghetto and hood, that's all that WE know is a "come up" REAL LIFE, REAL TALK! Nobody knows the life I lived except the people who were around me during those rough times in my life. Pat spoke for me and the people that lived "that" life. I have nothing but respect for the man, the mayne and the rapper that Pat is.

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